Crying Minotaur on a Disk

Radiohead’s iconic Crying Minotaur, from the album Amnesiac.

The Minotaur has been a figure in my dreams and practice over the past six months. Lately, the waterworks are replaced with sand. My teacher says that, in Jungian terms, this is the alchemical phase of “drying up.”

My most recent dream of a dry pool: “Dream of the Mired Giant.”

My dream a month ago of a Minotaur’s crying sand: “Hypnagogic Vision of a Cow’s Skull.”

My dreamwork involving a tarot card reading that involves Radiohead: “Dreamwork and Tarot on a Moon Pool.”

Radiohead is offering a corrective to the ferocious monster by showing his actual vulnerability. He could have been a demigod; instead, he is a monster forced to live out his days and nights in the center of a maze (mandala) as a consequence of his parents’ actions. He is the image of traumatized, reactive humanity.

He should try some third chakra work. The third chakra is furnace that dries up the base material in the alchemy of self-transformation.

This morning I rose to find on Facebook that exactly a year ago, I had dreamed of Radiohead’s contest to design a time capsule containing their music: “Dream Synchronicity via Radiohead 13 June 2012.” This is an amazing synchronicity, given that it is about a record sent forward into the future, which is now.

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