Inner State: Hierophant Reversed

I’m experiencing the limit of my development and practice through crisis and challenge. I’m confronting evil and unspeakable causes of suffering. Darkness. Hell. Suffering. Challenges from a nemesis. Crisis.  Abuse. Judgment.

Outer World: Five of Wands Reversed

Notice that the Hierophant is also a 5. This card signifies bloodlust, legal proceedings, lawsuit, dispute. Meaning here is obvious, at least to me.

Advice: Eight of Wands

Ah, the Phoenix card. The wings on the lion are the Magician’s open robes revealing my true form, a blazing star of full potential. The sleeping girl is also me, or was, and was carried forth all along by the blazing potential. Sleep is duality. The lion is the awakening. I now seek to know my demons, as well as angels. “Even the most enlightened have a shadow side they accept and integrate.”

I need to make the best use of my faults and darkness. I must know it all. I need to ground wishes in real-world action.

I will let the mind rest more flexibly into poetry. Something unknown or forgotten about myself is now awakening. Trust. Keep going even if efforts seem ineffective. Amid the legal dispute and fallout, keep everything simple and primary, what I stand for and defend: Truth, Awareness, Revelation, Majesty, Glory, Splendor.

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