Crazy-Deep Joy

I didn’t formally meditate tonight. Instead I read a lot about the powers, the Bases of Powers, and samatha jhanas. I’m definitely going quickly and deeply to j5, Boundless Space, in my sits. 

I read Daniel’s draft new part on the powers. I started writing out a kind of “spell” for my friend with Lyme disease. It consists of a poetic passage I read in Daniel’s book, where he quotes Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s translation. (Daniel’s book and Thanissaro’s works have been the greatest influences on my practice.) And it will go on to contain the Four Sublime Intentions cradling her in light. Then I’m going to state specific intentions concerning not her specifically, but the CDC and other organizations, insurance companies, the protocols, the shortage of Lyme-literate doctors, lack of valid testing, and the like.

I feel like I’m exploding with joy tonight, just from all this reading and writing out of the magickal intent. I caught deep equanimity and then somehow that fed back into this intense A&P-like excitement, bliss, uncontainable joy – quite a heady buzz.

All these mood cycles are intense and strange. I do not normally mood-swing like this. Anyway I’m too excited and ecstatic tonight to even write another word here. 

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