Crash Dream Come True (Almost)

Twice since the first time my visual field went bright behind closed eyes during fire kasina practice I’ve had the same thing happen in dreams. The first time, the vision’s going bright woke me up. The second time, night before last, my visual field went bright, and then I was dreaming a very clear dream.

I was driving my Honda Civic on a street near our house, at a fairly dangerous intersection. Suddenly, a silver-colored Hyundai Sonata came at a fairly fast speed from the right and smashed into my car. Then there was nothing, and I woke up. After waking, I felt like this was a premonition, which creeped me out. Yikes!  

So I stayed at the office late to work on the book. On my way home down Cary Parkway, a silver Japanese-make car ran a stop sign to my right and would have hit me, I guess, except that I had somehow known seconds beforehand to preemptively hit my brakes. Things different from my dream–other car not at high speed, incident was not during the day, and maybe not the right make of car. Things the same–silver car, Japanese car, ran through stop signal, came from the upper right passenger side. Oh–and the biggest difference: No crash.

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