Vision of a Cow’s Skull Crying Sand

Remember the whack vision I had of a Plague Doctor? Yeah, well, after work I took a nap this evening. As I was floating out on the hypnagogic shore of sleep, I asked my guides for support and guidance. Then I saw a weird magical creature standing before me. He wore cowboy clothes and had a man’s body, but he had a cow’s skull where a man’s head should be. The skull “stared” at me with its hollow sockets, with holes instead of eyes. 

We communicated without speaking. He transmitted to me that his name was Vaca. I knew this being was my teacher on another plane, a sort of Don Juan a la Castaneda. Vaca simply means cow in Spanish. 

I waited for the lesson, but all that happened was that Mr. Vaca started crying, or, rather, sand started pouring out of his eye sockets. It poured and poured, filling the landscape. I began to feel parched and wished I could cry real tears to quench the arid scene. But I felt nothing, so the sand kept pouring, threatening to bury me.

Lately, I’ve been so nonreactive as to have no feelings. I think that this is what the dream was about, but I don’t know what I was supposed to take away from it. That was all. I don’t remember anything past that point in the dream. The figure had the same creepiness as the Plague doctor.  

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