Breath and Winds

I noticed again how breath energy directed at pain points can dissolve them. Especially effective is moving energy from comfortable body parts to painful ones. Usually when there is pain, I send my mind to reside there with the pain and don’t even notice the parts of my body that are comfortable.  The emphasis can be reversed.  And pain can be simply dissolved. Is this the nature of all pain or only aches from muscular tension?

I also did notice at the end how refreshed my mind felt, calm but keen.I am still noticing distractions, usually thoughts of friends. Today I noticed fewer but longer followings after these distractions. I didn’t apply fierce pressure to return rapidly to the Breath. But I did notice my mind fabricating even though the fabrications weren’t interesting. 

It seems to help to ask questions of the breath. I felt less pressure on the meditation, less expectation.

It is storm-windy today.  I could hear the wind chimes from the other end of the house, the kitchen porch. The meditation bell made me jolt again. Hmm.

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