Awareness and Dreams Lately

For months now, I’ve been waking up within moments of my alarm clock’s sounding. This is not a matter of diurnal cycles, for it occurs even when I vary my sleep times wildly.

Something else I’ve noticed in just the past few weeks is that I’m often thinking I’ve lain awake all night, or all naptime, only to realize, I guess, that I must have been sleeping and only dreaming that I’m awake. Hmm. For example, I came home in the early evening today from a Medicine Buddha workshop and wanted to take a nap. I was aware of every minute in that bed, and was certain I had not slept. I could hear Kurt walking around and cooking downstairs. But then when I awoke I found that he also had just awakened from a nap! I asked him if he hadn’t just been downstairs cooking, and he said no, that he just got up.

This sort of reminds me of the state of matters for weeks after the July Mahamudra awakening: I would find myself dressing for work, but It wasn’t clear exactly when I stopped sleeping. I began the process of dressing apparently while still actually asleep. 

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