Another Lucid Dream

Last night before bedtime, I saw a tiny bug of some sort crawling through the carpet. I’ve been exhausted lately, and after work today I took a nap. I had tried to keep up the “I am dreaming” view all day, but I was more slack today than yesterday because work is nuts right now and I need an excuse.

This was a strange nap. I immediately saw that bug crawling through the carpet fibers again. Then I thought, “Wait – am I back in time? Because I already experienced this.” That is when I knew I was dreaming! Excited, I opened my eyes, but I had a Mindfold on and quickly fell back asleep. 

I continued to sleep but with full awareness that I was in my bed in my bedroom and that I was sleeping. The seamlessness between sleep experience and waking reality was reminiscent of the several weeks of lucid sleeping I had after last year’s Mahamudra awakening. Unfortunately, that part of the attainment faded away, but ever since then, I’ve been fascinated with dreams and the possibilities for all-night dharma practice that sleep offers.

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