Status of This Journal

It took much longer than I anticipated to clean up the migration results of my first practice journal. This one needs almost as much work to restore the many entries from the time of my Mahamudra awakening (i.e., MCTB 4th path+, for those who are cross-mapping) to now. I have decided to postpone this journal work indefinitely.  Between working full-time on others’ books all day, launching my own teaching of students, writing The Critical Path to Enlightenment, practicing my own continuing path, giving my family members what they need, and taking care of my body, something has to give way. 

My priority right now is writing pieces for the book. My plan is to post sections that will go into the book selectively on my new teaching site blog. When the site goes live, I will supply a link to it here. 

Little has been drafted into chapter form, because a prospective coauthor, my teacher through 2017, had been finishing his doctoral thesis, causing me to wait. Over the past year, he and I have been moving in increasingly different dharma teaching directions, however, and will not be collaborating. I have a very detailed map for a graduated path that I’ve been testing with my own students, with success. As a professional writer and editor, I have all the expertise required to execute this much-needed whole-path manual. It is more efficient for me to complete this mission on my own power.

On my forthcoming teaching site, I have a contact form for those who might want to study with me, but the number of spots each month will be very limited until more time is liberated.

Thanks for your support,