Here I discuss B. Alan Wallace’s Dreaming Yourself Awake, some of his suggestions, and some success I had with one dream. 

I think I forgot to mention in this recounting that I had been using thresholds during the day to trigger my asking myself whether I were dreaming. In the dream, it was when I looked back at the threshold of the bathroom that I realized that I was dreaming.

Correction–B. Alan Wallace, not Alan Watts.


This is an audio entry I made during the months after I was banned from the Dharma Underground / Overground (though I broke no rules, for I wrote the friggin’ rules, haha). Anyway, I made a number of audio entries, and instead of transcribing them, I’ve decided to just upload them for some variety and so people can hear what I sound like if they are curious. I made some audios that are too personal for me to make public, so I won’t be posting the whole collection I have, but selectively.

This one has some afterthoughts about a tarot card reading, some comments about increasing depth of jhana experience during an intense A&P phase, and a weird vision I had of some primitive bipedal beings jumping off a natural bridge and swimming around to shore and jumping again and so on.