The Post-Eighth-Jhana Junction Point

I knew I was in Equanimity this morning because visual clarity was back to being intense. In the Dark Night, particularly Reobservtion, the center of attention is indeed murky, and clarity is lost.

Tonight I did an hour jhana sit. Highlights were that the shift into second jhana was sudden and deep, like falling off a cliff. Seventh and eighth are where my mind now naturally wants to go, and I look forward to the increasing concentration as I climb to higher Equanimity. The custom “Pure Land” jhana was intensely heavenly—waves of warmth from navel to heart and then over the whole body, like orgasm in a way, but pure, and an abstract radiance of high appreciation for nothing and no one in particular. Very pure, healing, and completely preemptive of states like anger and defensive territoriality.

After coming out of eighth, I made a resolution to attain to nirodha samapatti. I’m just recording my efforts in that regard. I’ve come out of eighth at times in the past and was someplace that I couldn’t recognize. I’ll hang out instead of jumping up. Post-eighth junction point is what Daniel calls the point above eighth jhana from which the meditator can go in various directions; however, I’ve never understood it to be a state in itself. This was the first time I wondered whether that junction were an actual state: It was a refined neutrality, somehow different from fourth. Maybe it was just heavy afterglow.

Equanimity is awesome. I’m so relieved to be out of the most painful Reobservation I can remember.

I’m completely off the DhO. There is something so freeing about having just completely given up and quit that stupid discussion board. It will never change. If schisms and blowups haven’t changed it yet, why would more of the same suddenly bring change? Anyway, gratitude to Daniel for letting us be here, in the endarkened basement of his virtual “house.” 


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