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Integrated here into one site are many writings past, present, and in development that together mark one woman’s path from fundamental suffering to pervasive ease. Also personal in part, these writings are translatable into resources for repeatable results across students of Buddhist meditation theory and method.

Practice Journals

Featured under the Journals tab are my own meditation and integration practice journals crossing several Buddhist practice traditions and still unfolding as I engage in higher Bön Dzogchen practices. Although these journals are personal and often more confessional than staid and overtly instructional, it is my hope that they inspire and model the all-important practice ingredients of faith, diligence, and honesty with oneself.

Preparation and Teaching

Throughout this journey, I seem to have been one among many on the American Cafeteria Plan. Having begun in a traditional Tibetan Center in 2010, for more than a few  reasons, I left to teach myself meditation fundamentals more rigorously from Theravadin Thai Forest manuals. 

Then, in 2013, I gravitated to the Pragmatic Dharma movement led by my first mentor, Daniel M. Ingram. In 2015 I departed that scene to further my realization by mastering Indo-Tibetan Essence Mahāmudrā practices. rapidly finishing the work in the Mahāmudrā yogas after major awakening July 29, 2015, I currently practice in the Great Perfection (Dzogchen) tradition of the Yungdrung Bön lineage.

From this broad exposure, I gathered, practiced, and integrated efficient and effective offerings from the full array of traditions, their perspectives, and their methods. I observed, analyzed, questioned, intuited, and theorized around the methodological shortcomings, mere superstitions, and cultural sidetracks of each. I formed a small community of serious students of the Buddhadharma, who serve as a focus group. In 2017 I began formally teaching select individuals. With all these practitioners’ participation and insights, I continue to research, explore, confirm, and expand my own models, maps, and methods for efficiency and effectiveness on the path to full enlightenment—Buddhahood in this lifetime.

I remain influenced by the core ethos of the Pragmatic Dharma movement. While the journals here model the essential contemplative practice of translating insight into wisdom by writing after daily meditation, I found on rereading them that they capture the raw data and preliminary conclusions informing a comprehensive synthesized map from fledgling insight to high realization. 

Forthcoming Book

Consequently, I’m authoring a Dharma book, a comprehensive, map-driven meditation manual to help western practitioners seeking contemporary no-nonsense guidance to timeless wisdom.

As the book project develops, excerpts that are forthrightly instructional will from time to time be posted under the Book tab. It is my intention and hope, meantime, that the raw materials in the personal journals—however far from final synthesis and ultimate polish they be—contribute a lumen here and there to the Great Enlightenment.

Practice well. Be love.


A scholar, communicator, and meditation adept, Jenny grew up in the Panhandle of North Florida, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in literature from Florida State University and first engaged Eastern wisdom in Zen koans. Since 1987 she has resided in the Research Triangle of central North Carolina with her husband of 30 years and son. She earned a Master of Arts degree in Literature (1991) and a Doctor of Philosophy with Distinction in American and Southern Literature (1997) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where her 400-page PhD dissertation explored narratological correspondences between Zen and postmodern American classics. She taught university-level writing and literature for more than a decade, having been formally trained in pedagogy and appointed as a lead trainer of other teachers. She has for 17 years been a multi-award-winning developmental book editor, publication team lead, and writer of marketing collateral for the book publishing industry.  In 2017 she began teaching meditation privately, drawing eclectically on traditions including Tibetan Gelug, Theravadin Thai Forest, Pragmatic Dharma, Indo-Tibetan Essence Mahāmudrā, and Bön Dzogchen. Through her writing and relationships with aspirants, Jenny offers expertise in all eight jhānas, the Theravadin Progress of Insight, Theravadin and Mahayana vipassana, nirodha samāpatti, trekchö, and beyond these areas of attainment. Her results-oriented emphasis is on diagnostic accuracy, clear objectives, individualized whole-path project management, and meditative precision. She is coauthoring a whole-path pragmatic meditation manual whose working title is The Critical Path to Enlightenment: Model, Map, and Method.

Jenny JenningsFoerst, PhD

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